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Weeks 5 and 6: Sustainista UX Project Begins

UX project journey with Sustainista to create measurable sustainability benchmarks for businesses

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Blog post by Madillus - Published at 8/18/2023, 9:21:04 AM

In Week 5 of the UX course, we embarked on a new project with Sustainista, a company dedicated to making sustainability in businesses measurable. They provide services around benchmarking, development of sustainability KPIs, and supplier audits. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unavailable from Thursday of Week 5 through Wednesday of Week 6. In my absence, my team made significant progress on various components of the project.

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Week 5: Getting to Know the Customer

The first week of our collaboration with Sustainista focused on understanding the customer. We began by crafting two personas per group, representing medium to large enterprises. Each persona highlighted specific problems, and we used LinkedIn profiles of actual customers to give authenticity to our characters. Our team developed the Information Architecture, outlining how we would communicate what content and when to effectively reach our leads and customers. We also created the Customer Journey for each persona, detailing both best and worst-case scenarios with potential pain points. These documents provided a solid foundation for our future digital assets.

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Week 6: Visual Design

In the second week of the Sustainista project, we turned our attention to visual design. My team participated in the Visual Design Challenge, creating a new logo for Sustainista that would better represent its mission and services. However, due to time constraints and my absence, they were unable to develop visuals for LinkedIn and the website, as initially planned. Despite this setback, the new logo added a fresh and contemporary touch to our project.

After catching up on the progress made during my absence, I was impressed by my team's dedication and their work. As the project moves forward, we're excited to continue our efforts to deliver a successful and impactful UX solution for Sustainista.

Looking Ahead

With more weeks ahead in our UX course, we're eager to continue working on the project with Sustainista. There are still many tasks to complete, user testing to conduct, and results to present. Stay tuned for more updates on our UX journey!

Auf Wiedersehen!

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