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Week 4 - Career Acceleration with David

Explore my Week 4 UX course highlights: simulated interviews, portfolio feedback, and soft skills training

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Blog post by Madillus - Published at 8/18/2023, 8:52:24 AM

Week 4 of our UX course was an insightful and well needed departure from the usual curriculum. We took a deep dive into the world of job applications and interviews, guided by our mentor David. The aim was to prepare us for the competitive job market, equipped with refined skills and a solid understanding of what recruiters seek in candidates.


David’s sessions encompassed various facets of job applications and interviews:

Self-Pitch & Interview Training Input/Preparation - David taught us how to craft compelling self-pitches that succinctly highlight our experiences and unique strengths.

Interview Training - We practiced answering common interview questions and received valuable feedback from David on our responses.

Portfolio Feedback - David reviewed our portfolios, providing insights on how to best showcase our projects and emphasize our strengths.

Soft Skills - We discussed the importance of soft skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving in the UX field.

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Our main task was to create a Persona and an Empathy Map for a recruiter responsible for hiring UX designers or frontend developers. I crafted a persona named David Potter, a seasoned recruiter at ABC Creative Solutions in Vienna, Austria.

Understanding the perspective of a recruiter was a valuable experience, as it provided insights into their preferences, motivations, and challenges. This will undoubtedly aid us in tailoring our applications and interview responses to resonate with recruiters.

Interview Practice

One of the highlights of the week was the in-depth interview practice sessions. In these sessions, we were divided into pairs, with each pair having two interviewees. Each interviewee had 30 minutes to answer questions and engage in the interview process.

The experience was invaluable. Over the course of my 30-minute session, I had the opportunity to answer a variety of questions. David and my peers provided real-time feedback, which gave me a chance to refine my responses on the spot. David emphasized the importance of being concise, relevant, and impactful in our answers.

The practice sessions were tremendously helpful, significantly boosting my confidence. I also gained a clearer understanding of what interviewers look for in responses. I now feel more prepared to articulate my skills, experiences, and motivations more effectively in future interviews.

Career Development Insights

The week was filled with career development insights. We discussed job search strategies, the importance of tailoring CVs and cover letters, and how to optimize our online profiles to make a strong impression.

Overall, Week 4 was a valuable career acceleration experience. I'm grateful for the insights and practice, and I'm eager to apply these lessons as I navigate the job market.

Auf Wiedersehen!

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