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Week 3 - Components, User Testing, and High-Fidelity Prototyping

A journey in UX

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Blog post by Madillus - Published at 7/29/2023, 8:20:56 AM

As we wrapped up the third and final week of our inaugural UX project, we found ourselves not just at the end of a process but on the verge of a new chapter in our design journey. Our project which started with making a consumer credit feature was now focused on improving the feature of the Wüstenrot app, and this week marked significant milestones towards achieving our goal.

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Incorporating Mentor Feedback

Our mentor's insights have been a guiding light throughout the process, and this week was no different. We took their advice on refining our UI patterns, analysing each one meticulously, and adjusting where necessary to enhance usability. This feedback was pivotal in our pursuit of creating a user-friendly interface for the Wüstenrot app, aiding us in making informed design decisions.

Creating Reusable Components

Our next step was to take our design elements and transform them into reusable components. This move not only streamlined our design process but also ensured consistency across the interface. The shift from individual elements to an interconnected system of components was a testament to our growth as UX designers.

User Testing

In our commitment to a user-centric design approach, we conducted user testing sessions with the three other groups in our course. This provided us with an invaluable opportunity to observe our design in action, gather direct user feedback, and uncover areas for improvement that we may have overlooked. The insights we gained during this phase significantly influenced our final design modifications.

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High-Fidelity Prototype and Interactivity

With the invaluable feedback from our mentor and user testing, we then converted our high-fidelity design into a clickable prototype using Figma. Keeping in line with Wüstenrot's design guidelines, we ensured that our design was consistent with the established aesthetic while adding our unique touch. The thrill of seeing our design elements become interactive was a gratifying culmination of our hard work.

Upcoming Presentation

Looking ahead, we're preparing for a significant milestone - presenting our project to Wüstenrot. We're excited to share our process, insights, and the final design we've meticulously crafted. As we gear up for this presentation, we remain eager for the invaluable feedback that this experience will bring.

Until next time, Auf Wiedersehen!

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