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Week 11: Concluding A Green and Accessible UX Journey

Final insights from our project: Discover our Green UX journey, the innovative Sustainability Dashboard, and potential future eco-friendly features.

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Blog post by Madillus - Published at 9/22/2023, 9:43:33 AM

Hello, Everyone!

As we wrap up Week 11, it marks the conclusion of our intensive journey with From diving deep into Accessibility and Green UX to conceptualizing and prototyping solutions, it's been a transformative experience. Let's recap our final week's endeavors.

From Proposals to Prototypes

Building on our findings from Week 10, we transitioned from ideation to creation. Our high-fidelity prototypes for were designed to enhance both user experience and environmental consciousness.

The Sustainability Dashboard: Empowering Users

A standout feature we introduced was the Sustainability Dashboard. This innovative tool provides users with a sustainability rating out of 100, offering insights into their product usage and its environmental impact. Additionally, the dashboard offers actionable tips and tricks, guiding users on how to improve their score and make more eco-friendly choices.

Ideas That Sparked Interest: Carbon Footprint Counter & Eco Badges

While we brainstormed several ideas to enhance the Green UX, two that stood out were the Carbon Footprint Counter and Eco Badges. Though they remained in the ideation phase for this project, they represent the forward-thinking approach we aimed to bring to

Promoting Smart Home Solutions

In line with our sustainability focus, we also promoted smart home solutions. These not only offer users convenience but also contribute to energy efficiency, further aligning with our Green UX principles.

Reflecting on Our Journey

This project has been a testament to the power of combining user-centric design with environmental responsibility. While we've made significant strides with, the journey of continuous improvement never truly ends. The insights and experiences from this project have set a strong foundation for future endeavors.

Your Feedback Fuels Us

As we conclude this chapter, I invite you to share your reflections, insights, or suggestions in the comments below.

Auf Wiedersehen und Danke!

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